The following Panels will be taking place at QCAF 2019!

Iron Cosplay
The mission: to turn a pile of stuff into a cosplay! But there’s a catch – there’s only a set amount of time. Can you and your team pull it off? What wonders (or horrors) will you create?

Anime Mad Libs
We’ve assembled parts of several anime and video game stories to tell you, but it’s up to you to supply the missing pieces and create a ridiculously preposterous story that could only be made in this very panel!

Avoiding Artist Burnout
This panel will cover effective methods to overcome artist block or burnout. A variety of motivation boosting tactics, tropes or otherwise. He welcomes questions about your personal artistic journey to better assist you and the rest of the audience.


Anime Pictionary
Anime titles can tell you a lot about the show…right? Come gather around the whiteboard, where you’ll be divided up into teams and competing to illustrate and identify various anime!

Cosplay Tips and Tricks with Shadden Cosplay
This panel is all about the ins and outs of cosplay; come and learn a few tips and tricks about cosplaying! Panel ends with Q&A


Anime Ship-to-ship Combat
Prove your OTP is the best! A bracket has been assembled of 16 noteworthy anime ships, and in this hour we'll determine whose love is the most inspiring, the most powerful, or simply the most popular. Audience members can defend a couple if they choose, and everyone will vote on which ship is best!

Game Development in Regina
How to get involved in game development in Regina – whether it be board games, card games, tabletop RPGs or video games. Come learn about tips and tricks, local groups and events, and meet fellow game developers!


Cosplay: Learn Makeup With a Professional – Sweetydollylove
Come and learn a variety of different makeup tips from professional cosplayer Sweetydollylove! Find out how to contour and various styles in cosplay makeup!


Not if I Reboot You First Live!
Join our live podcast where we imagine what our favourite properties might look like if they were rebooted – properly, without Hollywood’s sinister hands on them! Join us for a quick and wild journey into a new ridiculous reboot, followed by a brief Q&A session!

Boku no Dork Academia
Come and ask questions of your favourite BNHA characters! In addition to the Q&A, there will be Truth or Dare and a Kahoot game!

Super Fun Network Live 3! Q&A with SFN
Taking over the QCAF for the third time, come join the gang as we record a live episode of the Super Fun Podcast! The SFP is a gaming/entertainment comedy podcast where we bring you the latest news from around the world. Bring us your best questions (which can be almost anything), and we’ll give you our best answers!

Queen City AniFest Feedback Panel!
What did you like about this year’s QCAF? What did you hate? What would you like to see next year? Come on in and give us your feedback!