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Meet Reginald


Breed - Welsh Corgi Mix


Birthday - September 30th

(I'm a Libra! And a Rooster, and a Raven, and a very confused doggo...)

Height - Just under 12 inches at the shoulder

(I'm almost 2 feet tall if you count my ears!)

Weight - Just over 15 kg

(Gotta stay sleek for all my outfits)

Loves - Dressing up in costumes; corralling lost convention attendees

(The staff wouldn't know where to go either without me!)

Hates - Getting brushed; Being called Ein

(I am WAY cooler than that doggo!)

Strength - Can survive a Canadian winter

(It's simple! I just get my humans to carry me everywhere.)

Weakness - Belly rubs

(Belly rubs are NOT my weakness! I only let people do them so THEY feel better!)

Favourite Food - Pocky!

(They keep telling me I'm not allowed...)

Worst Habit - Ninja-sneaking up and licking your leg before running away.

(Humans make such funny noises when I do it!)

Meet Vic

Birthday - September 29th 

(Fitting that I'm a Libra!)

Height - Less than I'd like

(But that's what heels are for!)

Weight - Doesn't matter


Weight - Just over 15 kg

(Gotta stay sleek for all my outfits)

Loves - Meeting new peasants - PEOPLE

I mean meeting new PEOPLE!

Hates - People constantly asking if I am a boy or a girl.

I identify as non-binary, thank you very much!

Strength - I refuse to remain quiet in the face of bigotry or intolerance!


Weakness - Cats. They are just so - so regal!

Unlike some other animal I could name...

Favourite Food - .....

Don't tell anyone but it's  Vegemite.

Pet Peeves - Having to constantly explain why I prefer to be referred to using them/they pronouns. 


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