Welcoming SweetyDollyLove!

Queen City AniFest is proud to welcome SweetyDollyLove as a guest for our 2019 year!

Odette Lynn grew up seeing Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura on TV and instantly knew she loved it. 

At 13 she found more anime online and found favourites such as Tokyo Mew Mew, Fruits Basket, and Princess Tutu

At the moment her favourite anime is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


When it comes to cosplay, Odette has had over five years of experience, from styling wigs to practicing makeup, and even sewing a few pieces of her costumes, she is well versed in many cosplay aspects. Though she has never tackled armour, she hopes to soon! 


Odette hopes to meet and inspire others in the cosplay community with her positive attitude and bubbly personality! 

Welcoming Shadden Cosplay!

Queen City AniFest is riveted to welcome Shadden Cosplay to our list of awesome cosplay guests!

Annie Shadden was introduced to anime when she was in elementary school and she saw an episode of Inu-Yasha. Anime covered all her notebooks, and manga books quickly became the main item in her budget.

Shadden’s first cosplay was Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler, which she wore to A taste of Animethon in 2013. There she found many other Black Butler Cosplayers; they grouped up and had a blast! The community and the overall ambience of anime conventions is so positive and accepting that she was hooked!

This is exactly why she created Ganbatte Con, she wanted to bring that positive atmosphere to Saskatoon, help people learn new skills, and create a community where it was easy to make friends. Ganbatte is in its 5th year now and we encourage you to check them out!

Don't miss the Cosplay Tips and Tricks panel that she will be hosting at 3:45 in the Quebec Room!