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  • 1.1. Any policy contained herein that is contrary to local, provincial, or federal law is null and void.

  • 1.2. Attendees will abide by all local, provincial, and federal laws and bylaws.

  • 1.3. The policies contained herein are subject to review and may be revised at any time prior to the event.

  • 1.4. Attendees will abide by all Conexus Arts Centre (hereby referred to as "CAC") policies and procedures.

  • 1.5. No outside food or drink will be permitted into the CAC.

  • 1.6. Queen City AniFest staff may restrict access to programming elements based on room capacity or age.

  • 1.7. Attendees aged 12 and under must be accompanied by a guardian of at least 16 years of age at all times.

  • 1.8. Civil or medical emergencies are to be handled directly by the proper authorities.

  • 1.9. Attendees are responsible for their individual actions and any repercussions.

  • 1.10. Attendee agrees that Queen City AniFest, as well as its Staff, Volunteers and Affiliates, are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury incurred while attending the event.

  • 1.11. Attendee agrees that Queen City AniFest Staff may photograph and/or video record them on CAC grounds for promotional purposes.

- 2 -




  • 2.1. Attendee will not act in a way which could result in substantial risk or harm to others or property.

  • 2.2. Attendee will not engage in sexual misconduct, harassment, public shaming, bullying, disruptive behaviour, or loitering.

  • 2.2.1. Harassment is any intentional behaviour that is found threatening or disturbing to any individuals or groups. This includes, but is not limited to, any physical or verbal behaviour that offends or humiliates any individuals or groups.

  • 2.3. Attendee is asked to be courteous to others and silence their electronic devices in programming rooms where possible.

  • 2.4. Intoxication, by any means, is not permitted at Queen City AniFest.

  • 2.5. Attendees are asked to help keep the Venue clean by making full use of the garbage cans and recycling bins.

- 3 -

Lost &



  • 3.1. All Lost and Found items are to be turned over to the Queen City AniFest Registration Desk. If items are not claimed by the end of the event, they will be turned over to the CAC Lost and Found.

- 4 -











  • ​​4.1. No solicitation unless approved, in writing, prior to the Queen City AniFest by AniFest Staff or the CAC.

- 5 -

Attire &



  • 5.1. Attendee attire must be appropriate and comply with local decency laws.

  • 5.2. Queen City AniFest Staff reserves the right to declare any attire or costume unacceptable and require Attendee to change or modify their attire.

  • 5.3. Attendee is required to have footwear at all times while on CAC grounds.

  • 5.4. Attendee attire cannot be too bulky or difficult to maneuver with.

  • 5.5. Attendee attire cannot be considered a safety issue to themselves or others.

- 6 - 




  • 6.1. A weapon is defined as any item that a reasonable person would deem a weapon, any weapon or item prohibited by local, provincial, or federal law, any item indistinguishable at casual inspection from either of the first two cases, or any item resembling a gun that is capable of firing a projectile.

  • 6.2. A weapon that has been rendered inoperable, such as a firearm without a firing pin or a blunt/dull blade, shall still be considered a weapon.

  • 6.3. No weapon shall be permitted at Queen City AniFest.

- 7 - 



  • 7.1. Props must be taken to Prop Check for evaluation. If peace-bonded, the bond must be visible at all times.

  • 7.2. Props must be handled in a safe and responsible manner. They cannot impede traffic or be a hazard to others.

  • 7.3. Props cannot be swung or brandished except for posing and photography purposes. No combat.

  • 7.4. Props cannot be a disguised weapon, or strongly resemble one from a distance.

  • 7.5. Living props and pets (eg. Animals, Reptiles, Fishes, etc…) are not permitted at Queen City AniFest except those explicitly permitted by law.

  • 7.6. Props that resemble the form or function of a projectile weapon have a few additional restrictions:

  • 7.6.1. If it has a string it cannot be under any tension and not easily made taut.

  • 7.6.2. If it has an air chamber it cannot be under any pressure and not easily re-pressurized.

  • 7.6.3. If it has a barrel it must be blocked with an orange tip and not easily unblocked.

  • 7.6.4. Cannot propel a projectile at any time.

  • 7.7. Props have certain construction restrictions and exceptions:

  • 7.7.1. Props cannot be primarily constructed out of a hard material such as metal or wood. Balsa wood is permitted as well as a wooden handle.

  • 7.7.2. Props may contain a wooden rod or dowel with a diameter no larger than ¾” for structural reinforcement if padded in a reasonable manner.

  • 7.7.3. Props must be constructed in a manner such that no part of the prop is easily shattered.

  • 7.7.4. Props cannot have sharp edges or points. Blunted/rounded edges or points may be permitted.

  • 7.8. At the discretion of the Prop Check Coordinator, or an Executive, certain props may be deemed unacceptable regardless of compliance with these policies.

  • 7.9. Props that do not meet these policies must be removed from the CAC immediately upon request.

  • 7.10. Exceptions to this policy for specific purposes must be requested in advance and approved by Queen City AniFest Staff.

- 8 -

Photos &


  • 8.1. Photography and videography cannot impede the flow of traffic or disrupt programming elements.

  • 8.2. Photography of original artwork at Queen City AniFest is not allowed without permission of the artist.

  • 8.3. Attendees must gain permission from all individuals they photograph and/or video record.

  • 8.4. Posing with a prop is acceptable provided it is done in a safe manner.

- 9 -



  • 9.1. Attendees cannot display any sign that offers products or services in exchange for something.

  • 9.2. Attendees cannot display any sign that Queen City AniFest Staff would consider to contain inappropriate content.

  • 9.3. Attendee signs cannot be too bulky or difficult to maneuver with in a safe manner and are subject to the Prop Policy.

  • 9.4. Only approved Vendors and approved Artists may post business related signs, unless given prior approval by Queen City AniFest Staff or the CAC.

- 10 -

Fire Code

& Seating

  • 10.1. Doors, aisles, and walkways must be free of obstructions at all times.

  • 10.2. The number of Patrons in a room cannot exceed the room fire code limit.

  • 10.3. Unless otherwise stated, all rooms are cleared after each programming element. No squatting.

- 11 -


of Policies

  • 11.1. Queen City AniFest Staff reserves the right to enforce disciplinary action against any Attendee who violates any of the policies contained herein. Disciplinary measures Staff may enforce are:

    • 11.1.1. Issue Attendee a verbal warning.

    • 11.1.2. Ask Attendee to leave the room or area.

    • 11.1.3. Request CAC to remove Attendee from the Venue grounds.

  • 11.2. Queen City AniFest may also recommend the banning of Attendee from future events for a specific duration.

  • 11.3. Any action prohibited by law will result in notification to the proper authorities and may result in criminal prosecution.

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