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Queen City AniFest is a single-day convention held to celebrate anime, games, all things nerdy in Regina and the surrounding area. Check out our blog for events and our information page for more info!


To all Queen City AniFest volunteers, vendors, guests, and attendees:


As one of the organizers of the QCAF, I had high hopes that 2021 would be a year of getting back to being able to do all the fun events everyone missed out on in 2020.

A hope that continued to grow as Saskatchewan kept rolling steadily along in its bid to get the upper hand over COVID: vaccination rates have been meeting their targets, and the number of active cases has continued to decline. The easing of public health restrictions has arrived, and it is everyone’s hope that things will continue in a way to keep them so.  

That being said, it is my regretful duty to confirm that the Queen City AniFest will not take place again this year. I’m sure this news comes as no surprise, though it doesn’t decrease the disappointment I feel in having to share it.

As much as we at the QCAF look forward to providing an opportunity for our anime fans and related communities to come together, we also hold the responsibility of ensuring that we are not endangering said fans and communities by doing so.

Which is how we came to the conclusion that although conditions are improving, they have not improved to the point that we feel it is safe enough to risk such an event at this time.

This isn’t to say that the QCAF will never return, just that it will be a little longer yet before we can all enjoy an event together again.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next Queen City AniFest!


Stay safe, and take care!

Sabrina & the Staff at QCAF

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